Thermal process monitoring in HD resolution in the time of industry 4.0

Especially in the field of material optimisation – such as in lightweight construction – quality-optimised thermal treatment processes play an increasingly decisive role. Together with reknowned users, end users and development institutes, InfraTec has set a new milestone with its system PRESS-CHECK, able to monitor the press hardening process of car bodies.

Automated thermographic inspection system PRESS-CHECK

Automated thermographic inspection system PRESS-CHECK for press hardening processes of car bodies

Fully automated and integrated via PROFINET into the production lines of the world's leading press manufacturers, this system provides synchronous thermal process measurement data in real time. Here, two or more industrial thermography sensors are integrated into the production line. In order to test before pressing, the short-wave camera system PIR uc SWIR HD with a high-resolution detector in the format (1,280 × 1,024) IR pixels has been specially developed. The control of the formed product is done with the VarioCAM ® HD head, a long-wave microbolometer system with a detector format of (1,024 × 768) IR pixels. In addition to professional thermal data analysis using self-developed algorithms, integrated additional functions such as the attitude control of the component and client-oriented data storage strategies are a prerequisite for modern processes in the period of industry 4.0.

The consistent, gradual approach, starting with the analysis of the process requirement and feasibility studies, through the proposal to the project implementation including system documentation, leads to a stable production automation solution. At the customer’s request, InfraTec can take over as part of the maintenance agreement, full service and regular system maintenance.

With over 20 years of industry experience in the use of automated thermography solutions, InfraTec is always a reliable partner. With worldwide references of complex automation systems, such as WASTE-SCAN for early fire detection, the rotation test system TRC (Thermal Rotate Check) or WELD-CHECK for testing of welds, as well as PV-LIT (PV lock-in thermography) for the testing of solar cells and modules, InfraTec is among the global leading suppliers.


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