Thermographic building inspections

Thermography supports the fight against global warming

  • Thermography greatly helps detecting energy losses of buildings
  • Highest thermal resolutions of the infrared cameras ensure valid analyses and rapid pay-off
  • High efficiency by big number of pixels and low ex-post work
  • Meaningful analyses based on standard or special software

Details about building thermography

Building thermography is one of the most demanding applications for infrared camera systems

Increasing the energy efficiency of buildings has highest priority and infrared thermography greatly contributes to reaching this goal. Inspections with infrared cameras quickly and easily indicate insulation problems of buildings. To do so the infrared camera systems need to come with a respective good resolution. Firstly this is about thermal resolution. Infrared camera systems for building inspections should come with an especially good thermal resolution of < 40 mK (0.04 °C). This means that they will even be able to detect faults securely when the temperature difference between outdoors and indoors is minimal. Only in such way infrared camera systems can be used throughout the year to pay off faster. Also when locating leakages such a good thermal resolution provides advantages as faults in deeper areas can still be detected easier. The VarioCAM ® hr inspect series of InfraTec is especailly suited for those demands also because of their high geometrical resolution.

Building thermography - Avoid measurement error

InfraTec infrared camera systems make building inspections extremely efficient with their 3.1 MegaPixels

A infared camera of the VarioCAM ® high resolution series with 3.1 megapixels provides 16 times the number of pixels of a standard infrared camera with (320 x 240) IR-pixels. Thereby thermal images can be taken from a larger distance providing a view of the complete building and still show small details in a suitable resolution. Like this building inspections become more efficient as there is no longer a need to take many small images, to stitch them together one by one for analysis.

Intelligent analysis software produces meaningful surveys by pressing a button

After having taken high resolution thermal images those images need to be analysed. The thermographic software family IRBIS ® 3 already supports many of the necessary analyses. The special software for building inspections FORNAX 2 makes the production of those surveys even easier. For instance the appearance of mould cannot only be detected but it can also be determined easily and legally proof whether this is caused by construction faults or inadequate behaviour of the users. The good teamplay between excellent infrared camera systems and software result in big efficiency advantages. Like this not only pure qualitative advantages are obtained but also economic ones.

Infrared cameras for building thermography

  • Infrared camera VarioCAM® HD inspect 900
    Infrared camera VarioCAM ® HD inspect 900

    3.1 megapixels guarantees precise infrared recordings in brilliant photographic quality.

  • Infrared camera VarioCAM® HD inspect 800
    Infrared camera VarioCAM ® HD inspect 800

    The ergonomic design of this professional system allows for fatigue-proof, mobile use and supplies precise and razor-sharp infrared recordings even under harsh environmental conditions.

  • Infrared camera VarioCAM® HD insepct 700
    Infrared camera VarioCAM ® HD insepct 700

    Designed for professional users, this thermographic system provides precise measuring results and its robust light metal housing guarantees for long-term operation even under harsh industrial environments.

  • Infrared camera VarioCAM® HD inspect 600
    Infrared camera VarioCAM ® HD research 600

    High geometric and best thermal resolution as well as excellent handling and extensive features allow its use for demanding inspection tasks.

  • VarioCAM® HDx inspect  600
    VarioCAM ® HDx inspect 600

    Control technical installations or inspect buildings thermographically with a thermal imaging camera that provides the entry to thermography at high-end level.

  • Infrared camera InfraTec mobileIR E9
    Infrared camera InfraTec mobileIR E9

    InfraTec mobileIR E9 is an efficient and budget-friendly infrared camera for mobile use. Exchangeable and quickly rechargeable batteries ensure a long period of application.

    Infrared camera InfraTec mobileIR E9
  • Infrared camera InfraTec mobileIR E4
    Infrared camera InfraTec mobileIR E4

    InfraTec mobileIR E4 is a low-priced, efficient and completely equipped infrared camera. This robust and very handy high-tech system convinces with its intuitively learnable handling and user-friendly single hand operation.

Case study


ARCHIMEDES Facility-Management GmbH is a full service provider for real estate and buildings. They offer comprehensive services ranging from planning, via facility management and building conversions up to complete refurbishment. Project Manager Dipl.-Ing. Olaf Hauck has increasingly regarded the usage of an infrared camera in his field of business as indispensable for fast and effectively detecting and analyzing poor conduction of builders´ work.

Use of VarioCAM ® hr inspect 680 for quality assurance in building industry at the company ARCHIMEDES Facility-Management GmbH