Infared cameras
for guarding harbours

As important logistical hubs for freight and person shipping harbours and inland ports are always in focus of homeland security authorities. Important tasks are:

  • Prevention of terroristic activities intending to disrupt a harbour's operation
  • Acting against illegal border crossing by detecting and tracking illegal immigration

Details about this application

Harbour protection 24/7

Mobile FLIR (= Forward Looking InfraRed) such as VarioVIEW™ can handle all kinds of ambitious facility protection tasks. The powerful infrared sensor with (640 x 480) pixel achieves a very high identification option. This allows separating illegal persons from harbour staff. With VarioVIEW™ it is possible to follow a suspect leaving a boat over a distance of 2 km even in total darkness. In extended harbour facilities approaching boats can be detected beyond a distance of 8 km with this FLIR – this capability yields enough time for counteractive measures.

No matter which illumination level is realised in a harbour, with VarioVIEW™ all monitoring options are available 24 hours a day. VarioVIEW™ is more than just a binocular thermal sight. Image data may be observed via the ergonomic OLED viewfinder, but can be relayed via its video interface, SD slot or FireWire interface. In combination with the InfraTec IRBIS ® 3 remote software package a complete remote operation of all device functions is possible.
VarioCAM ® hr head is the right choice for those who only intend to operate via deployed 24/7 operations – this is supported by the very compact, tough camera body and a choice of lenses offered. It also allows perfect integration into all kinds of ground vehicles, boats, vessels and airborne vehicles. The big choice of electronical interfaces allows tailoring various options for remote control and image acquisition.

Infrared cameras for this application

  • Infrared camera ImageIR® 10300 Series
    Infrared camera ImageIR ® 10300 Series

    Measure extremely small micron sized structures on large targets.

  • Infrared camera VarioVIEW 150
    Infrared camera VarioVIEW 150

    Among all uncooled thermal imagers this device offers the best range performance and unsurpassed image resolution.

  • Infrared camera VarioVIEW 75
    Infrared camera VarioVIEW 75

    More than just a multi-purpose solution, outstanding thermal and geometrical resolution offer perfect thermal image quality under any conditions.

  • Infrared camera ViewIR® 60
    Infrared camera ViewIR ® 60

    The perfect combination of mobility and resolution.

  • Infrared camera Nyxus Bird
    Infrared camera Nyxus Bird

    Two in one: Thermal imager and optical daylight channel. Outstanding compact construction and full range of features incl. GPS, digital compass and laser rangefinder.

  • Infrared camera VarioCAM® HD head 800
    Infrared camera VarioCAM ® HD head 800

    The uncooled industrial camera offers stationary long-term operation for demanding monitoring tasks.

  • Infrared camera VarioCAM® HD head 600
    Infrared camera VarioCAM ® HD head 600

    The robust light metal housing, high geometric and excellent thermal resolution as well as a number of interfaces enable for stationary long-term operation for demanding monitoring tasks even under harsh environmental conditions.

  • VarioCAM® HDx head 600 security
    VarioCAM ® HDx head 600 security

    Even the entry model to thermography-based solutions for security and surveillance applications at high-end level impresses with its noiseless long-term continuous operation.

  • Infrared camera ImageIR® 9300 Serie
    Infrared camera ImageIR ® 9300 Serie

    Measure smallest details with highest geometrical resolution.

  • Infrared camera ImageIR® 8800 Series
    Infrared camera ImageIR ® 8800 Series

    Measure lowest temperature differences of smallest details with highest geometric resolution.

  • Infrared camera ImageIR 8300 hp Series
    Infrared camera ImageIR 8300 hp Series

    Measure infrared full frame frequencies with up to 350 Hz.

  • Infrared camera ImageIR® 7300 Series
    Infrared camera ImageIR ® 7300 Series

    Operate with material specific spectral thermography at large image format.

  • Infrared camera ImageIR® 8300/9300 Z Series
    Infrared camera ImageIR ® 8300/9300 Z Series

    The high-end infrared cameras ImageIR ® 8300/9300 Z with 30x zoom lens for an effortless handling of complex reconnaissance and surveillance tasks.