Case Studies and Customer References

InfraTec offers to its customers to use infrared thermography for development of new products, temperature triggered process automation and quality control. Well-known companies from all industries rely on the thermographic know-how by InfraTec in development and production. Universities of applied sciences, universities and institutes apply the thermal imaging equipment by InfraTec in teaching and research.

Excerpt from our Reference List

There are known companies and institutions from almost any industries and any fields of research. Upon your e-mail request, we will be pleased to send out detailed information material and, if desired, extracts from our list of testimonials by customers that are active in comparable fields of thermography application.

Overview about Case Studies from InfraTec

Thermal Stress Analysis of Metals

Thermal Stress Analysis of Metals

Stress changes during tensile testing provide information about material properties of metals such as tensile strength. With the help of thermographic cameras metallic solid bodies can be tested for such stress changes.

Temperature distribution during laser cutting of a CFRP component

Thermography in CFRP Processing

Many new systems operate at very high laser intensity levels and consequently require close control of thermal processes. This is achieved by the use of infrared thermography which is both contact-less and provides imagery.

Vehicle-bound mobile surveillance solution with VarioCAM® hr head 600

Thermal Vehicle-bound Mobile Surveillance Solution

2012 marked an important milestone for the Eastern European Countries of Poland and the Ukraine – the jointly rganized UEFA European Football Championship 2012. While this kind of events generate a wide public attraction there are certain background activities which contribute to a seamless progress significantly: Security and logistics are two core tasks to be handled by the relevant local authorities. 

Micro thermographic image of low resistance precision resistors

Thermography in Process Automation

The company Isabellenhütte Heusler GmbH & Co. KG has identified this potential at an early stage and uses infrared thermography for the quality assurance of their low resistance precision resistors.

Thermography for climate research

Thermography for Climate Research

Climate research is one of the most exposed types of academic research these days. With the continuous discussion about extreme weather events and long-term implications of human-made climate factors the related science has become a part of everyone´s daily life.

Tire Inspection with Thermography - Picture Credits: © Vladimir Melnik /

Tire Inspection with Thermography

Mechanically stressed car components like tires are a continuous issue for quality inspection and related R&D improvements. At Bridgestone Corporation in Hofu (Yamaguchi prefecture in South-Western Japan) new test procedures for off-the-road tires for construction and mining vehicles (OR tires) had to be developed to meet the literally growing scale of performance concerning the carrying capacity.

Test of Laser Welds with ImageIR® from InfraTec

Test of Laser Welds

Non-destructive testing methods are becoming increasingly more important in the industry. One reason is that they cost much less than other test methods. As a very elegant method, the active heat flow thermography method is now firmly established as a powerful method of non-contact and non-destructive testing of products of different manufacturing technologies.

Using Thermography for Optimisation of Installed Wind Turbines - Picture Credits: © visdia /

Thermography at Wind Turbines

For several years now, thermography has been a valuable tool for investigating the boundary layer behavior on airfoils in order to aerodynamically optimise it.

Inverter with loaded components to forecast their lifecycle

Thermographic Microscopy in Electronics

At the same time that the performance of electronic components is being driven ever higher the demand for thermal management at ever smaller scales is also occurring.

Thermographic testing of turbine blades

Thermography for Quality Assurance

Today gas and steam turbine power plants by the SIEMENS AG are more than ever complex high-tech products. Heavily stressed parts like the turbine blades are tested with the latest measurement techniques for example with infrared thermography.

Inspection of High Voltage Networks

Inspection of High Voltage Networks

Feeding of renewable energy and rising consumption peaks – operators of energy networks face great challenges in meeting the set levels of electrical power supply. Airborne inspections  highly increase the efficiency of high power line monitoring.

Automatic Ladle Monitoring - Reliable thermographic complete solutions from InfraTec

Automatic Ladle Monitoring

Ladle-temperature measurements with contact-free infrared thermography are an ideal basis for the early detection of impending breakage.

Bat, roosting between tiles and underfelt

Thermography for Environmental Studies

In order to protect bat populations firstly their ecology has to be understood but it can be very difficult to study the small, nocturnal mammals in the wild. Infrared thermography offers solutions to many of the problems faced by bat ecologists.

Building thermography

Thermography for Building Inspections

ARCHIMEDES Facility-Management GmbH uses its infrared camera predominantly for revisions and securing of quality standards during the construction phase of newly erected buildings and the refurbishment of older buildings. Thereby the detection of construction faults like thermal bridges, poor insulations or air leakages plays a major role.

Cell defects and disruptions

Thermographic Photovoltaics Testing

Like for all electrical devices, solar cells and modules need to be maintained especially as they are located outdoors. Infrared thermo-graphy offers the possibility to localize and classify problems fast and also with a high accuracy.

Thermal image of aluminium kiln

Thermography for Insulation Checks

All kind of hot industrial processes need to be contained well to allow the process itself to go on and at the same time to protect neighbouring installations and employees working there. Thermography helps to detect weak points and provides first indications for necessary repairs.

Thermogram of the moulded part at 60 °C mould temperature

Thermography at Kunststoff-Zentrum in Leipzig

With infrared thermography, absolute temperatures, temperature distributions and relative temperature changes can be measured and tracked within dynamic conditions. 

Thermal image of fuse block

Thermography in Electronics Development

At Delphi’s laboratory plant “Test & Validation Services”, thermography is used for design and product validation as part of quality assurance. Therewith, a stable hardware basis is set for integrating new technologies in motor vehicles that again present a substantial contribution to traffic safety.

Thermal image before treatment

Thermography for Health

With the use of a thermometer only an indication of a spot temperature can be obtained. Infrared thermography provides the complete picture, non-invasive temperature measurement of the complete body part.

The images clearly show how a NiTi wire heats up through stretching and cools off when relaxed

Nickel-titanium wires in tension test

How do solid materials change structurally? The engineers Prof. Stefan Seelecke and Marvin Schmidt from Saarland University investigate this fundamental question in materials research. Both consider this topic with the help of microthermography. Their cutting-edge basic research ensures that we will have even more energy-efficient electric devices to use at home in future.