Planar multi channel pyroelectric detectors from InfraTec

Planar Multi Channel Detectors

Detectors for gas analysis and flame detection

  • Two, three or four spectral channels in one housing
  • Thermally compensated (optional)
  • With special chip holder for reducing the microphonic sensitivity (optional)
  • Low channel crosstalk (< 0.1 %)
  • Signal processing with JFET or operational amplifier
PYROMID® multi channel pyroelectric detectors from InfraTec
PYROMID® Multi Channel Detectors

PYROMID® Multi Channel Detectors

Dual channel, quad channel and eight channel detectors for gas analysis

  • Integrated beam splitter in the detector or micromechanical frame for compact design
  • One common aperture opening for all channels
  • Inside filter, common entry window
  • Low channel crosstalk (< 0.1 %)
  • Signal processing with JFET or operational amplifier

Multi Channel Detectors

Type LIE, LIM: Detectors with standard design
LME, LMM: Detectors with reduced microphonic effect
LRE, LRM: Detectors with micromechanical frame
LFP: Detectors with tunable Fabry‐Pérot filter
Housing TO18, TO46: 5.4 mm in diameter
TO5, TO39: 9.2 mm in diameter
TO8: 15.2 mm in diameter
The number following the hyphen indicates the number of pins.
Channel Number of measuring channels
Aperture (mm) Size of the circular or rectangular aperture through which radiation hits the sensitive elements.
Operating modes Size of the circular or rectangular aperture through which radiation hits the sensitive elements.
JFET/OpAmp Integrated signal condition like integrated junction field effect transistors (JFET) for detectors in voltage mode or integrated operational amplifiers (OpAmp) for detectors in current mode.
Thermal Compensation A pyroelectric detector is sensitive to changes in temperature. Changes in ambient temperature have an influence on the measurement signal and shifts the operating point. This effect reduces a thermal compensation. Therefore, each pyroelectric element gets an additional optically inactive element, which compensates for unwanted currents.
Low Micro Patented micromechanical chip attachment (LowMicro) by InfraTec to reduce the effects of interfering impact sounds.
Detectivity* As a key parameter, the specific detectivity D* characterizes the signal-to-noise ratio of infrared detectors.
InfraTec Detector Filter Multi Channel Detectors
Aperture (mm)
Operating modes
Thermal Compensation
Low Micro
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LRM-202TO4623.05 x 2.05Voltage ModeJFETYesNo4.0LRM-202
LIM-011TO84ø 2.5Voltage ModeJFETNoNo0.8LIM-011


LIM-054TO842.8 x 2.8Current ModeOpAmpNoNo0.42LIM-054


LIM-214TO84ø 9.5Voltage ModeJFETYesNo4.5LIM-214
LIM-314TO84ø 9.5Voltage ModeJFETYesNo3.5LIM-314
LMM-244TO84ø 9.5Current ModeOpAmpYesYes6.0LMM-244
LMM-274TO84ø 3.5Current ModeOpAmpYesYes6.0LMM-274

Single supply operation

LRM-244TO848.5 x 8.5Current ModeOpAmpYesNo6.0LRM-244

Single supply operation

LRM-278TO888.5 x 8.5Current ModeOpAmpYesNo4.5LRM-278



LRM-102TO1823.05 x 2.05Voltage ModeJFETNoNo4.0LRM-102
LIM-032TO3922.8 x 2.8Voltage ModeJFETNoNo2.9LIM-032


LIM-222TO392ø 6.0Voltage ModeJFETYesNo4.5LIM-222
LIM-262TO392ø 6.0Current ModeOpAmpYesNo4.5LIM-262
LIM-272TO392ø 6.0Current ModeOpAmpYesNo3.0LIM-272

Single supply operation

LRM-254TO3945.0 x 5.0Voltage ModeJFETYesNo4.7LRM-254
LRM-284TO3945.0 x 5.0Current ModeOpAmpYesNo4.5LRM-284

Single supply operation

*(500 K, 10 Hz, 1 Hz, 25 ºC, without window) [10E+8cmHz1/2/W]

LRM Detectors – Short Description

PYROMID® multi channel detector LRM-254 from InfraTec
Further information about LRM-254


As the first representative of the LRM series, the LRM-254 marks the starting point for all other models. The miniaturized four channel detector in a TO39 housing with an square aperture opening of 5 mm has the typical features of this product series: cap with central window, channel filters inside the detector, miniaturized stack design, large FOV.

PYROMID® multi channel detector LRM-202 from InfraTec
Further information about LRM-102 and LRM-202

LRM-102 and LRM-202

The detectors with the smallest housing size in the miniaturized LRM range are the LRM-102 and LRM-202. Both dual channel detectors are integrated in TO46 housings. Their aperture opening has a size of approximately 6 mm2 each. As a solution e.g. for gas analysis and leakage detection, they can be used in stationary and mobile devices ranging from medicine to safety technology.

PYROMID® multi channel detector LRM-244 from InfraTec
Further information about LRM-244


An enormous field of view (FOV) distinguishes the LRM 244 from other detectors of the LRM series. The extremely large, symmetrical field of view of the detector of more than 90 degrees enables flames to be detected within the greatest possible angular range. In addition to this, pyroelements, each with a particularly large sensitive surface of 2 × 2 mm2, ensure an ideal signal-to-noise ratio.

PYROMID® multi channel detector LRM-284 from InfraTec
Further information about LRM-284


On the market there are only a few miniaturized multi-channel detectors operating in current mode. Therefore the LRM-284 is definitely something special. The current mode of the single supply detector is enabled by two double-operational amplifiers. This detector allows the design of an analyser with low power consumption – a fact which particularly speaks for the operation of the detector in portable devices.

PYROMID® multi channel detector LRM-278 from InfraTec
Further information about LRM-278


The LRM-278 is the world's first detector of its kind to combine eight measurement channels in a TO8 housing with a diameter of 15.2 millimetres and operates in current mode. It also incorporates a temperature sensor. Measuring the temperature inside the detector, for example, provides the option of compensating the typical temperature drift of the filters very accurately by means of a calibration.

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PYROMID® Multi Channel Detectors

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